Why women want to get separated from their spouse?


When two people are in a relationship, there is only love around them. But sometimes after being in a relationship, suddenly women start making distance from men. This is reflected in their words, gestures etc. But it becomes very difficult for the partner to understand why his female partner is keeping distance from him. Where sometimes women tell their reasons, sometimes they keep silence on it. So let us tell you why women keep distance from men.

Feeling Insecure

It is seen many times that women get to know insecurities very quickly. When she even suspects that she is insecure in this relationship, then she slowly walks away and does not even let her partner know about it. Many times when she hears or sees that a partner has cheated on her girlfriend, then this thing also settles in her mind and then she distances herself from men.

Affair Is Detected

Nowadays it is also seen a lot that people have more than one affair. In such a situation, many times their first partner does not get to know about it, but many times they come to know about it. At the same time, if they come to know about this from another person, then they feel very sad. In such a situation, they feel that their partner should not leave them in the future. That’s why she gets separated from her partner and after some time seek for disturbed marriage life solutions.


Everyone in a relationship wants their partner to value them and give them the respect they deserve. But many people do not give importance to their partner, do not take any kind of opinion or advice from them and do not feel the need for them overall. Even in such a situation, the girlfriend starts feeling neglected and she prefers to separate from the relationship.

On Lying

According to expert astrology solution it is said that there is hardly any person in the world who does not lie. But when you are in a relationship with someone, there is no lying. People who hide things in love and lie to their partner. Women also break their relationship with such men. On the other hand, even if the lie told by their partner is revealed to someone else, women still prefer to separate.