Ordinary problem in marriage life

Marriage is connected of two people with love, care, happiness, sadness. Before marriage you always independently enjoy your life according to you but after marriage you totally depend on your partner. Marriage is a very beautiful relationship when you actually understand that’s meaning of relation. Today’s time to do mostly people make mockery with marriage but it’s not a joke. you choose of your partner for marriage. Marriage is a cycle of wheel. If one get overload then your balancing converted into unbalancing and you lost them from your relation.

Todays time everybody busy in their work and then they forgot their family. Slowly –slowly this situation move on and after that comes occur disputes in relation and you become to worry and  frustrated from this but sometime rather than you solve to do your problems, you are lost your relation for forever therefore you don’t mix your personal life and professional life, because they do not adjust with same time. Try with your relation make happy with your family and always you gives time to family and childrens by this you get perfect happy life with your partner without any worry.


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