Mutual harmony of a Healthy Marriage

Love is a key of marriage without love you can’t stay with relationship and love make great bounding with your partner. When you do marry with someone else then you don’t think about your relation will going on deep because important in relationship how many understand with each other. Everyone know Marriage is half part of every person life by which you live half life with your partner, who you don’t know before marriage, Only you marry with them behalf of love therefore a healthy marriage totally depends on love, care, happiness, softness. Without love you can’t adjust your relation with them. Spend more time with your partner and know about like, dislike as well as try to he/she focus on your talks or as you feel with your partner then Try to know from your partner that the same feel to you. When you get any sign from your partner then you should to understand also he/she like you and comfortable with your relationship. Always should take care in relation never let the third person come in the relationship? Is this main reason of break down relation? Always keep happy, strong, harmony relation with partner and some fighting is important for increase love with your partner.


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