Make Again relation with positive key

Today’s generations time love relationship is only a game and they want to play with their feelings but they didn’t never thinks with whom play the love game they really how much love you but sometime you dumb or ditch your partner in love relation after that in future you can’t forgive of themselves in whole life because you lost very expensive relationship after then you didn’t get again in life this type of relation. maybe is possible for you, you will found new relationship but never you can’t find true relation therefore So before you gone to dump or ditch your partner or trying to betrayal with your partner think twice.

It is not a joke for anybody life when someone falls in love with you then his/her feeling, love, care is connected with you. My personal advise for you before you dumb and ditch them you told everything them, you don’t love her/his you don’t fall in love so that you convert your relation love into friendship and its will be better for both of you.


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