How To Keep your Wife Happy and Show Love?

Generally men think that by giving expensive gifts, wife can be kept happy, but this is like a myth, because the most important thing in any relationship is not money but emotions. We are telling you some such ways that will help you to connect more emotionally with your wife and keep her happy and lead a happy married life by bring lost love back.

Show Love

If you give only one rosebud instead of a diamond ring, then your wife will be more happy. Why? Because the most important thing for any relationship is to show love. If you keep expressing love and feelings, then the wife will be more emotionally attached to you and she will not feel that you do not love her.

Give Time

Suppose your office gets a very busy schedule but do not forget that your relationship is more important than what is important. Give time to your wife. Spend quality time with them. Make them feel that you are with them. The wife feels lonely on not giving time, which increases negative feelings in them, it also affects the relationship negatively.


Whether your wife is a housewife or a working wife, make sure that you talk to her every day. Whether at the dinner table or before sleeping, ask your wife about her day and then tell about your day by providing remedies for disputes between husband and wife. This strengthens the bond and the wife is able to feel that you care about what is happening in her life.

Share The Responsibility

It is not only women’s responsibility to take care of the house or children. Keep in mind that both the house and the children are yours too, so you are equally responsible for them as much as the wife is. If only the wife has to handle these two things, then she can also become irritable due to stress which will affect the relationship, so it is better that you share the responsibility in these things with her.

Cooking isn’t just for women

Why should only the wife do the work of cooking? You cook too. Even if you do not know how to cook well, then help your wife in the kitchen and learn to cook. Surprise your wife by making a dish. This will not only give them a chance to relax but also show your care for them.

Say Thank You

Yes, say thank you to the wife. From cooking for you to taking care of the baby and doing everything possible to make your day perfect, why not say thank you for that. Another advantage of this will be that your children will also learn to say thank you to their mother after seeing you which will help them to understand the value of their work. It will also boost the self-respect of the wife.

Take care of wife’s self respect

Many times it is seen that during family or friends gathering, some people tell jokes related to the wife or make such jokes which can hurt the self respect of the wife. It’s better to stop them than to ignore it. If you do not interrupt, then it is possible that the person will do such acts again and again which can seriously hurt the feelings of the wife, which can easily lead to a quarrel.

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