How Emotional Abuse Make Your Loving Relationship Worse?

emotional abuse

It is very bad to hurt the feelings of the partner. Often some people do this to show their dominance, but emotional abuse licks any relationship like a termite. Many people take out their anger by saying bitter things to their partner. This is called verbal abuse. Here the matter is limited to just fighting and fighting and then it ends. But emotional abuse affects one’s mind very deeply. The victim of this always remains troubled in his mind. Emotional abuse is not necessarily done by the male partner, many women also harass men in various ways. Several methods are adopted for this.

Hurt Feelings

Every person knows enough that what things say will make his partner feel emotionally hurt. He deliberately behaves in such a way that his partner gets upset. The question is, what is the reason behind doing this? Some psychologists believe that people who do this are of sadistic nature. They enjoy hurting others. At the same time, some people do not want to hurt their partner’s weaknesses, due to which he starts feeling pain. Every person has some kind of weakness. People of positive nature do not discuss evils until they cause direct harm. Often they bring out the positive aspects. But people of sadistic nature intentionally hurt someone’s feelings.

Making Fun Of Partner Unnecessarily

According to expert astrology solution it is seen that some people unnecessarily make fun of their partner. It becomes their habit to highlight any of his flaws. Many people even try to make fun of them by commenting on their appearance. Psychologists believe that there is an inferiority complex in such people and they satisfy their ego by making fun of their partner.

Controlling Partner

One of the reasons for emotional abuse is the desire to keep the partner in control. Such people do not treat the partner equally. They give more importance to themselves. For more information you can consult love relationship breakup solution. They want the partner to be engaged in their sweetness all the time. Such people have a dominant mindset. Such people do not behave well with their family members as well as friends. The result is that they are cut off most slowly. As a partner, such people prove to be very poor.

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