Is horoscope defects are the reason for the divorce of couples?

divorce problem solution

In today’s festive environment, there is often a rift between husband and wife. In many cases, it even reaches a divorce. According to astrology, defects in the horoscope of husband and wife can also be the reason for this. If there is a defect in the horoscope of either of them, then there is a quarrel in the house. But by adopting some easy methods, you can get rid of these conflicts. And can live a happy married life.

Divorce is caused by these yogas

In the husband-wife quarrel, the planet Jupiter has been considered as the causative planet of marriage. While the place of marriage is the seventh place of the horoscope. Here we are providing effective tips to solve disputes among husband wife. If there are planets like Sun, Guru, Rahu, Mars, Saturn or in the seventh place of the horoscope, then the marital life of a person is full of troubles. And he has a dispute with his life-partner every day.

1. On the seventh house of the horoscope, there are quarrels on the day of the coming of the Sun. And many times, even till the divorce comes. The Guru is considered to be the causative planet of marriage. Therefore, if your guru is weak in your horoscope, then you have problems in married life. These tips can save your marriage

2. Every morning after the puja, the vermilion should be applied to the husband for his wife. This measure increases the love between the two.

3. According to love astrology woman should worship her mother Parvati daily and offer vermilion or kumkum to her. After puja, the same sindoor or kumkum should also be applied in their demand.

4. A husband should bring a gift to his wife every Friday.

5. Whatever inauspicious planets are in the horoscope, measures should be taken.

6. Worshiping the banana plant every Thursday also gives benefits. Offer a turmeric knot on the lingam and pray for peace in the married life.

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